We respect the privacy of all users of our website and therefore fully comply with the Personal Registration Act.

The personal information you provide to us will always be treated confidentially and with care.

We will not sell your personal data to third parties and will only make it available to third parties if they are involved in the execution of your order, such as, for example, delivering your order.

You can view your personal data at any time by sending a written request (by fax, letter or e-mail) to DeWinkel. DeWinkel will then provide you with an overview of your personal data at DeWinkel within 4 weeks.

If you believe that your personal data should be corrected, supplemented, deleted or protected because it is factually incorrect, for the above purpose (see paragraph 10.2 of the Constitution) is not complete or relevant or is processed in violation of a legal regulation, you must report this in writing (by fax, letter or e-mail) to DeWinkel, indicating that your personal data must be corrected, supplemented, removed or protected.

If you want your personal data to be improved and / or supplemented, you must also indicate in your message the improvements / additions to your personal data. In all cases, DeWinkel will immediately follow your instructions, unless DeWinkel is unable to do so. In that case, DeWinkel will remove your personal data from its file (s). DeWinkel will instruct any third parties to whom your personal data have been provided to take over any changes, shields or deletions of your personal data.

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